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The Crocs Bistro, no one needs or deserves comfortable ergonomic shoes more than people working in foodservice, hospitality, and healthcare. Crocs™ Bistro gives you everything you look for in a shoe for work. Re-designed based on Crocs' original shoes, these new clogs for men and women incorporate workplace-friendly features.

  • To further protect your feet at work, these clogs have an enclosed toe and heel and thicker metatarsal area

  • Crocs™ Bistro uses a new tread design, Crocs Lock™, tested to ASTM standards*, and found to exceed slip resistance requirements on oil, water, soap, and a variety of slippery surfaces, and non marking.

  • Of course, we didn't forget about comfort. Crocs™ Bistro are made with our innovative Croslite™ material. These shoes give you a custom fit by conforming to your feet, the footbed relieves pressure on feet, legs and back, and also includes circulation nubs to increase blood flow.

  • Enhanced arch support. Simply clean with soap and water.

  • Slip your feet into a pair of Crocs™ Bistro and you may not want to take them off. Never think about sore feet again. Buy Crocs™ Bistro today!

Crocs Comfort Ergonomics Crocs Lock

Sizing Guide
Sizing Guide

Sizing your Crocs sandals is very important, we offer information in UK sizes but with European alternatives.

Children 4 19-20 C4
  5 20-21 C5
  6 22-23 C6
  7 23-24 C7
  8 24-25 C8
  9 25-26 C9
  10 27-28 C10
  11 28-29 C11
  12 29-30 C12
  13 30-31 C13
  1 32-33 J1
  2 33-34 J2
  3 34-35 J3
Womens 3 35-36 W5
  4 36-37 W6
  5 37-38 W7
  6 38-39 W8
  7 39-40 W9
  8 41-42 W10
  9 42-43 W11
Mens 6 39-40 M7
  7 41-42 M8
  8 42-43 M9
  9 43-44 M10
  10 45-46 M11
  11 46-47 M12
  12 48-49 M13
Unisex 3-4 36-37 M4/W6
  4-5 37-38 M5/W7
  5-6 38-39 M6/W8
  6-7 39-40 M7/W9
  7-8 41-42 M8/W10
  8-9 42-43 M9/W11
  9-10 43-44 M10/W12
  10-11 45-46 M11
  11-12 46-47 M12
  12 48-49 M13
  13 49-50 M14
Additional Information
Additional Information

Crocs Brand History

Crocs are an American company founded in 2002, they revolutionised footwear manufacture by developing a closed celled cushioning resin material called Croslite™. This fabric is the heart and sole of all their shoes. Allowing them to be extremely comfortable and lightweight, odour resistant, inhibit bacterial and fungal growth and are non-toxic.

So you can be confident that although each style of Crocs shoe may be designed differently they all have the same special Croslite™ fabric built into them.

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