Autumn 2020 New Arrivals
Autumn 2020 New Arrivals

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The Crocs Bistro, no one needs or deserves comfortable ergonomic shoes more than people working in foodservice, hospitality, and healthcare. Crocs™ Bistro gives you everything you look for in a shoe for work. Re-designed based on Crocs' original shoes, these new clogs for men and women incorporate workplace-friendly features.

  • To further protect your feet at work, these clogs have an enclosed toe and heel and thicker metatarsal area

  • Crocs™ Bistro uses a new tread design, Crocs Lock™, tested to ASTM standards*, and found to exceed slip resistance requirements on oil, water, soap, and a variety of slippery surfaces, and non marking.

  • Of course, we didn't forget about comfort. Crocs™ Bistro are made with our innovative Croslite™ material. These shoes give you a custom fit by conforming to your feet, the footbed relieves pressure on feet, legs and back, and also includes circulation nubs to increase blood flow.

  • Enhanced arch support. Simply clean with soap and water.

  • Slip your feet into a pair of Crocs™ Bistro and you may not want to take them off. Never think about sore feet again. Buy Crocs™ Bistro today!

Crocs Comfort Ergonomics Crocs Lock

Sizing Guide
Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide

Sizing your Crocs sandals is very important, we offer information in UK sizes but with European alternatives.

Children 4 19-20 C4
  5 20-21 C5
  6 22-23 C6
  7 23-24 C7
  8 24-25 C8
  9 25-26 C9
  10 27-28 C10
  11 28-29 C11
  12 29-30 C12
  13 30-31 C13
  1 32-33 J1
  2 33-34 J2
  3 34-35 J3
Womens 3 35-36 W5
  4 36-37 W6
  5 37-38 W7
  6 38-39 W8
  7 39-40 W9
  8 41-42 W10
  9 42-43 W11
Mens 6 39-40 M7
  7 41-42 M8
  8 42-43 M9
  9 43-44 M10
  10 45-46 M11
  11 46-47 M12
  12 48-49 M13
Unisex 3-4 36-37 M4/W6
  4-5 37-38 M5/W7
  5-6 38-39 M6/W8
  6-7 39-40 M7/W9
  7-8 41-42 M8/W10
  8-9 42-43 M9/W11
  9-10 43-44 M10/W12
  10-11 45-46 M11
  11-12 46-47 M12
  12 48-49 M13
  13 49-50 M14
Additional Information
Additional Information

Crocs Brand History

Crocs are an American company founded in 2002, they revolutionised footwear manufacture by developing a closed celled cushioning resin material called Croslite™. This fabric is the heart and sole of all their shoes. Allowing them to be extremely comfortable and lightweight, odour resistant, inhibit bacterial and fungal growth and are non-toxic.

So you can be confident that although each style of Crocs shoe may be designed differently they all have the same special Croslite™ fabric built into them.

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